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Development history

  • 08-02Zhejiang Crystal Optech Co., Ltd. of XINGX group was founded.
  • 10-15The IR-CUT FILTER for camera and cell phone was developed successfully.
  • 12-21Zhejiang Crystal Optech Stock Co., Ltd. was integrally changed.
  • 09-19The Crystal Optech stock (code 002273) was exchanged in Shenzhen
  • 05-06The company invested and founded Hangzhou Optical Crystal Co., Ltd. to research, develop and produce the micro projecting module products.
  • 08-30The company purchased 60% equity of Zhejiang Taijia Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. and became the controlling shareholder
    10-25The company invested and constructed the Sapphire Substrate Project with the annual production of 3.6 million high-brightness LED chips.
  • 09-01The wholly-funded subsidiary Jiangxi Crystal Optical Co., Ltd. was established in Yingtan as the coating base of the company
  • 04-23The Hangzhou Office was set
  • 05-15The company purchased 100% equity of Zhejiang Fangyuan Yeshili Reflective Material Co., Ltd.
    09-15The company invested and set Zhejiang University Union Innovation Investment Management Partner Enterprise (Limited Partnership) by holding 20% equity
    12-19The company purchased 20.38% equity of Japanese OPTORUN and become the greatest shareholder thereof
  • 02-13The company invested and set Ningbo Union Base Stone Investment Partner Enterprise (Limited Partnership) by holding 20% equity
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